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·   AdMaster always puts data security first

·   Building trust in the era of programmatic purchasing by minimizing online ad fraud and improving viewability standards and practices

·   Finding a balance between convenience and cybersecurity

(Beijing, China, June 29) Over the past few years, with the development of data technology like cloud computing, the implementation of Big Data across a wide range of industries is reshaping the next generation of business.

“From the marketing perspective,” said Vincent Yan, Founder and CEO of AdMaster, “companies are able to build a truly close, even one-on-one relationship with their consumers by capturing, integrating and analyzing digital fingerprints across the consumer’s touch points, which can make business more precise and efficient,”

But with the rapid and unlimited growth of Big Data, and the yet-to-be improved laws and regulations about data security protection, both companies and consumers are facing increasing potential risk of cybersecurity in today’s world.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers “The Global State of Information Security” Survey 2016, while the average number of detected security incidents in mainland China and Hong Kong is much smaller in comparison with the global figure, it has dramatically increased more than fourfold of the average (1,245 detected security incidents) in 2015 compared with 2014 (241 detected security incidents). And also, most industry sectors covered in the survey have seen significant rises in cyber security incidents in 2015, including consumer products, retail and technology.

AdMaster puts data security first

As a leading marketing technology company, AdMaster understands the high importance of data security when the big data has become the “core asset” of today’s companies. “Since 2006, we have always committed to putting data security first, and constantly increased our investment in data security measures in order to help build a safe and transparent digital advertising market,” said Hong Bei, the CTO of AdMaster. Over the past few years, AdMaster has directly worked together with China Advertising Association and MMA China for the formulation of a series of standards on digital advertising, to help better regulate China’s digital marketing market.

Meanwhile, in 2015, AdMaster became the only data company from China’s marketing industry to pass the global ISAE 3402 assurance standard. “The adoption of this standard also means that data security has become a system that has been integrated into our company’s governance, making sure that data is safely guarded in every aspect,” said Hong Bei. Besides, AdMaster has its own “data security committee”, which is responsible for identifying and controlling the ever-growing cybersecurity risks.

All the data in AdMaster’s Data Hub is stored safety through strong encryption

In terms of how to ensure the data itself is safe, all the data in AdMaster’s Data Hub is stored through strong encryption, while the access to some core data needs passcodes from multiple parties. Meanwhile, the data is also stored at different geographic locations to make sure the data is safe against any incidents at one particular storage place; and the data from different companies is insulated from each other too, to ensure no confidential information can be leaked out to jeopardize advertisers’ core interests.  

“A series of other data security measures will be taken by us in the second half of this year to better safeguard data security, this will include advanced authentications through text message or WeChat-based one-time tokens, the enterprise QQ mail, code-scanning, and other random authentication measures,” Hong Bei added.

And as for transmission security, AdMaster applies HPPTS encrypted transmission, to make sure data is safe throughout the whole transmission path, from the moment of being collected to when it can be analyzed and used for business purpose.

Building TRUST in Programmatic Buy Era

With the wide application of Big Data in China and around the world, programmatic buying has become a mainstream today when it comes to digital advertising. However, it also brought about issues including ad fraud and non-human traffic, both of which result in unseen ads, brand safety concerns and false audience numbers that could undermine the trust and confidence of advertisers.

In response to these concerns, AdMaster launched its Anti-Fraud and Ad Viewability capability, in hope of safeguarding not only the advertisers’ data security, but brand safety from technology perspective. “As the first step to help build trust in the digital advertising industry, we hope these innovative technologies could help advertisers minimize online ad fraud and improve ad viewability standards and practices and finally, help build a safe, transparent and most importantly trust-worthy digital advertising ecosystem,” said Calvin Chan, Chief Operating Officer of AdMaster.

Finding a balance between convenience and cybersecurity

Today, no matter whether it’s innovative mobile payments that removed the payment process from the user experience, or the other innovative Internet-based or LBS services like ride-hailing Didi, all bring huge convenience to consumers’ lives, however, unavoidably, at the price of giving up, at least partially, personal privacy.

While it’s always a challenge between user experience and data security, “the winner in the marketplace are going to be those that strike the best balance between the two,” as quoted by Guido Sacchi, executive vice president and CIO of Global Payment in the PwC’s global cybersecurity report.

As a response to the draft of “China Internet Security Law”, AdMaster grants consumer a “right to be forgotten” by embedding an “opt-out” link on AdMaster’s official website. “Once the consumer checked the “opt out” option, then we promise this particular consumer’s online behaviors won’t be recorded and analyzed by AdMaster,” said AdMaster’s CTO Wu Jian.

As a Data Hub that connects the brands with consumer, AdMaster is hoping to build a “Data Safe Harbor mechanism” by collaborating with other partners with rich consumer information including advertisers and BAT companies, so as to provide a safe and reliable data infrastructure when the data is collected, transmitted, analyzed and traded among different parties, and finally to help advertisers capitalize on data.

“No matter it’s data security or the protection of personal privacy, it’s far beyond a technical problem, instead, it needs collective efforts from the whole industry. Besides our own efforts to safeguard data security, AdMaster hopes to work together with all the other parties in the data world to explore the new cybersecurity models and thus, making our own contribution to the further prosperity of China’s digital advertising market in the next 5-10 years,” said Yan.



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