AdMaster’s Single-source Panel (SSP): The Holy Grail for Brands to Understand the Connection between Media Consumption and Shopping Behavior of Their Consumers in China


Understanding consumers are always the top priority of brands. Consumer are everywhere – they shop online as well as offline, they watch the same ad on different screens, they connect with the brands on different platforms….Data are generated in all these scenarios. The coming challenge is how to connect these fragmented media and consumption behavior to make all these happenings sensible for brands to plan for their next campaigns to maximize the ROI effectiveness.

With the evolution of technology, fragmentation and diversification are the key words to describe the consumer touch points. Consumers are jumping from media to media, device to device . Nothing is more important to connect the media and shopping behavior data in China than AdMaster’s Single-source Panel of 200,000 households covering the user behavior of over 300 main stream media, the largest of its kind in China. AdMaster has started to build this unique Single-source Panel since last year and contribute to the success of numerous marketing campaigns of the leading brands. It provides data analysis on consumer media and shopping behavior under different internet connection environments like Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G or even in any environment without internet connection.

Single-source panel escalates the data value of the following:

1.       Same  source of media consumption data across linear TV, PC, mobile, OTT/connected TV and outdoor media

2.       Same source of shopping behavior data in brick and mortar stores, e-stores on e-commerce platforms and e-stores on WeChat platform

3.       Same source of media consumption and shopping behavior data

AdMaster SSP is built to resolve the following marketing challenges:

1.       Attribution analysis: AdMaster SSP helps brands understand and analyze the consumers’ media path. For a notebook shopper, on which media did he watch the ad? Has he been exposed to any promotion message? It is critical for brands to get hold of consumers’ path-to-purchase to develop the most effective marketing campaign and best allocation of media investment across channels and time.

2.       Evaluation of cross-screen unduplicated reach: SSP is one of the most effective ways to understand consumers’ behavior across different devices. It increases the precision of cross-screen mix reach after device de-duplication.

3.       Consumer behavior analysis: SSP allows brands to fully understand the consumer behaviors on website browsing, ad exposure, online shopping and social networking. Marketers will develop their marketing campaigns according to the unique characteristics of different segments according to the data tagging.

4.       Marketing automation: With the ongoing expansion of the panel size and the accumulation of data, the insight derived from the Panel can be applied to the application scenarios of DMP. AdMaster SSP also empowers its own research platform, WendaX. It allows the set up of control and test groups for research purpose.

Bennett Hong, Founder & CTO of AdMaster, comments, “We build AdMaster SSP around three areas which are attribution analysis, cross-screen research and user behavior modules. We verified and validated the findings of the SSP with the most representative brands and media agencies. We are very confident that our authoritative, comprehensive and accurate single-source panel is dispensable in driving precision marketing in China to the next level.”





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