AdMaster & Tencent QQ Launched Young People Insight Paper



Paper unveiled young people's attitude to brands, media habits and entertainment preference

The “Young People Insight Paper” jointly published by AdMaster and Tencent QQ has unveiled and analyzed young people's (13-24 years old) attitude to brands, media habits and entertainment preference in mainland China.

The paper is developed according to the data gathered from AdMaster's media strategic planning platforms, sponsorship evaluation index together with QQ Social Index which is based on the big data of the Tencent QQ ecosystem.

QQ Social Index is developed based on the account information and their application scenario of 800 million account users active in, and Qzone. The index considers user attributes, behavior and interests.

The Findings

1. The Youth's Attitudeto Brands

Consumer electronics, automobile, skin care and cosmetics are ranked as top three hot topics for young people on the QQ social platform. Luxury and personal care products are in the fourth and fifth place.

Consumer Electronics : iPhone is in the lead for the youth's smartphone market, while local brands are catching up

Despite keen competitions, iPhone is still the leading smartphone brand. QQ's data shows that young people's discussion on iPhone is overwhelming, nearly tripled the figure of Samsung, which ranked second in the most talked about electronic brand. It's worth to note that MiPhone, OPPO and Huawei have entered top five of the ranking.

Automobile: German makes are in top priorities. Luxury brands are on the wish list

The German brands BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are the top four most talked about automobile brands. On the other hand, Japanese cars are losing their cachet - none of the top 10 automobile brands is from Japan.

This is worthwhile to note that young people shows strong interest to talk about luxury cars even though they may not be to afford them.

Skin care and Cosmetics: Local brands gain fame and followers by being sponsors of entertainment programmes

Chanel, Dior and Sulwhasoo are young people's most talked about skin are and cosmetic brands. Kans, One Leaf and OSM have increased brand awareness among young consumers as title sponsors of entertainment programs, thanks to the popularity of these programs. YSL only ranked the tenth place, even though it is very popular among young general population.

Luxury: Young people's desire for luxury brands grows over time, even though their income is limited

Chanel is the most talked about brand in both luxury and skin care/cosmetic categories.Young people aged 13 to 24 didn't turn away from luxury brands, though most of them are students with low or no income. They are more enthusiastic to talk about luxury brands than brands with lower market positioning and cheaper price, just like other age groups.

Personal care:Eye-catching marketing strategies key to success for creating noise in the younger generation

Generally speaking, the buzz volume on personal care is lower than that of smartphone and automobile. And yet, the creative combination of ads and young idols, key opinion leaders (KOL), and entertainment adaptations of works with intellectual property rights (or ‘IP Blockbuster’) have caught the attention of young people.

To conclude, young people find mass brands more relevant to them, niche brands representing stylish lifestyles, and luxury brands being attractive but unaffordable.

2. The Youth's entertainment preference

Talking about spending money on entertainment and leisure activities, the youth is probably the leading segment in the market. Their purchase power is not to be under estimated.

What do young people like? Data suggests movies and movie /TV shows, celebrities,and two dimensions entertainment.

AdMaster's young people data shows that young people are very interested in TV shows and movies, with the highest figure of 70, almost doubled the figure of Animation and Comics. Next in the ranking are music and entertainment shows and electronic gaming.

Dominating popularity of IP Blockbuster, particularly those about fantasy and school life  

AdMaster finds that seven out of ten popular dramas were adaptations of works with intellectual property rights. Young people are fond of adaptations of online novels, comics and games, particularly those about fantasy and school life. However, young people are not fascinated to hit dramas such as costume dramas and thrillers.  

Young fans attracted by young, good-looking idols

Most fans that are crazy about idols are youngsters, 69% of them are girls. They are more attracted by idols’ appearance rather than their acting and singing skills. Among all the well-known QQ bloggers, half of them are ‘post-90s’ (bornin 1990s or afterwards), while the handsome and energetic group ‘TFboys’ topped the ranking.   


AdMaster’s data shows that many young people enjoy watching variety shows that feature competition or role play experience. For dating shows, young people prefer seeing sweet and happy couples than sad couples with conflicts or in crisis.    

Boys and girls love two dimensions (2D) TV programs

As compared with the real world, which is three dimensional, young people see 2D programs as a way to escape from reality, find inner world and pursue their dreams.    

Boys like watching TV programs that are about ardent and personal growth, while girls are only fond of programs that are aesthetic.

Animations and comics are becoming part of the main culture of young people - it used to be in the subculture – young people now spend much time on holidays, summer holiday in particular, watching these programs.

3. The Youth’s media habits

As the Internet and smartphones are widely used nowadays, more young people are becoming ‘mobile phone addicts’, who look at their smartphone most of the time.

Get up early and stay uplate, killing time on social apps

AdMaster’s data shows that 8:00 a.m. and midnight are the prime time for young people to surf online by their smartphones. The total amount of time they spent online is 27% more than other age groups, up to 95 hours per month. They also turned on as much as 20 apps in their smartphonesper month, 17% more than other age groups.

QQ, Wechat and Taobao are the must-have smartphone apps for young people. Game, comic, livestreaming, learning apps are well liked by many of them.

About the “Young People Insight  Paper”

AdMaster and Tencent QQ Social Index have cooperated in compiling the data and facts for this paper, giving a comprehensive report for advertisers’ reference to their marketing plans on young people.  AdMaster monitors and evaluates the effectiveness for advertising on Tencent, helping advertisers to prioritise the allocation of resources and enhance their strategies to advertise on different media.  


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许知远,1976年出生,2000年毕业于北京大学计算机系微电子专业,他是单向街书店的创办人之一,曾任《经济观察报》主笔。百度百科上这样介绍许知远。 相比陌生的名字“许知远”,他开设的单向街书店远比他本人有名;而由单向街书店出版的单向街日历,要远比这个书店有名。如果你都没听说过,也没关系。 八月底,许知远采访奇葩说创始人马东的视频,让他着实火了一把。采访过程中,许知远对马东选择娱乐行业略带不屑,并坚信马东内心深处仍然对知识精英心存向往。采访时,许知远发问咄咄逼人,不料被马东反击,落了个尴尬的下场。查看详情>

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