The Power of Data

AdMaster is a marketing data technology company that uses big data to help brands measure the effectiveness of their digital marketing investment. We create value for brands by centralizing digital marketing data from multiple sources and turning it into actionable data delivered through our software-as-a-service platform. We offer solutions for third-party digital advertising verification, cross-screen research, e-commerce data application and analysis, social media measurement, and data management – including data obtained from computers, mobile devices and digital TV.

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Real-Time Ad Tracking

TrackMaster™ monitored 524,345 online ad impressions last second
SocialMaster™ has processed 1,566,088,431Weibo posts

When used together, TrackMaster and SiteMaster allow advertisers to follow the customer conversion process from start to finish – from first exposure to an ad all the way until payment.

CSRMaster collects audience measurement and media cost data for TV and online platforms facilitating the overlay of GRP, reach and frequency numbers for easy comparison across platforms allowing advertisers to make informed decisions regarding budget allocation and media distribution.

Developed by AdMaster’s in-house R&D team, SocialMaster allows marketers to monitor consumer sentiment across various social media sites, online forums and blogs. When combined with AdMaster’s other data monitoring services, TrackMaster and SiteMaster, they create a powerful tool that allows marketers to monitor and assess the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

With RetailMaster, AdMaster allows marketers to gain a holistic view of consumer and competitor behavior by consolidating data from multiple e-commerce platforms and CRM systems. By comparing offline and online sales data, RetailMaster allows marketers to better understand the needs and behavior of online shoppers and keep an eye on what the competition is up to. Armed with this additional knowledge, marketers can adapt their online strategy to increase brand awareness, engagement and loyalty among their online customers.

AdMaster’s data management platform, DMPMaster, combines first-, second- and third-party datasets into one integrated database, allowing marketers to have a holistic view of the customer conversion process. Not only are marketers able to group together customer information obtained from various sources, but they can also drill down to see an individual customer’s view history and analyze what triggers led to a purchase.To learn more, click here.

Wendax allows marketers to quickly and easily survey a target audience on virtually any topic. Whether it is to get an idea of market conditions before launching a new campaign or gauging consumer sentiment post-campaign, Wendax lets marketers put questions to hundreds of consumers all from the comfort of their desktop.