Pearl Program

AdMaster is committed to using data technology to build a happy world a happy place and improving the lives of its inhabitants. We strongly believe that education is major determinant of happiness in life, which is why we support the efforts of the Pearl Program.

The Pearl Program is an initiative by the Xin Hua Education Foundation that promotes education by giving study grants to promising students from low-income families. The scholarships provided by the Program help alleviate the financial burden born by disadvantaged students, allowing them to successfully complete their high school and/or university studies.

Between 2004 and 2007, the Pearl Program supported 41 830 students in 152 schools spread across 25 provinces and cities all over China. This year, students who are accepted into major Chinese universities will be able to apply for continued financial assistance for their first year of study, helping ease their transition into university life.

AdMaster currently sponsors 50 university-level "Pearl Scholars" by covering part of their tuition and providing them with various internship opportunities with a particular emphasis on technical skills training.

In order to increase the benefits students receive from the Pearl Program, AdMaster also participates in the "Pearl Buddies" program, which pairs AdMaster employees up with Pearl Scholars allowing them to learn from each other and share their different experiences and points of view. We believe that this is not only an enriching experience for the students, but also allows our employees to give back to society in a very meaningful way.

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