Vincent Yan

Founder & CEO

Vincent is the Chief Executive Officer of AdMaster. He founded AdMaster together with Hong Bei in 2006. Under his leadership, AdMaster has become China's leading marketing data technology company. In 2015, Vincent introduced AdMaster's data...

Ethan Tsai

Co-Founder, President & CFO

Ethan is the President and Chief Financial Officer at AdMaster. He is responsible for managing the company's financial affairs as well as evaluating the viability of and market outlook for new projects, developing the company's...

Hong Bei

Founder & CTO

Hong Bei is the Chief Technology Officer at AdMaster. In 2006, Hong Bei along with Vincent Yan founded AdMaster. He is now responsible for leading AdMaster's R&D team in improving the company's product line, researching...

Calvin Chan


As Chief Operating Officer, Calvin is responsible for AdMaster's operational excellence, organizational development and strategic partnerships. He is also responsible for ensuring that the various capability teams are able to deliver AdMaster's wide array...

Tenly Wu


Tenly is the Chief Product Officer at AdMaster. He is in charge of strategic planning, design, integration, and research and development for all product lines. Under his thoughtful leadership, AdMaster's R&D team has become one...

Phoebe Lam


Phoebe Lam is Chief Marketing Officer at AdMaster. Having joined the company in 2013, she is responsible for promoting Admaster's core values, developing the company's brand image and marketing strategy as well as providing talent...

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