• As China's leading marketing data technology company, AdMaster uses cutting-edge technologies and big data to help brands plan their marketing strategies and predict their effectiveness.

  • By connecting brands, advertisers and consumers, AdMaster acts as a data hub for the digital marketing industry. Our online ad measurement technology tracks over five billion impressions every day on computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. We have long-standing relationships with key Chinese and foreign media providers as well as other industry players, which allow us to integrate data from multiple sources into a single data hub.

  • Thanks to our experience in measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of online ad campaigns for brands from various industries and on multiple platforms,AdMaster is uniquely well positioned to provide advertisers with the insight, tools and expertise that will allow them to maximize their marketing ROI.

  • Since we started in 2006, AdMaster has served over 80 percent of the leading domestic and foreign brands in China from various industries. We have five business centers and two R&D centers spread across Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou, Xi'an and Chengdu. Our competitive advantage comes from our cutting-edge technology. We have developed numerous patents and we have 50 percent of our personnel dedicated to research and development.

  • We are AdMaster and we use data technology to build a happy world!
  • Vision:
  • Use data technology to build a happy world.
  • Mission:
  • Become a data hub for the industry by ensuring the secure and reliable flow of data.
  • Corporate Values:
  • "I"-Integrity
  • "T"-Trust
  • "O"-Ownership
  • "P"-Passion to Win

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