AdMaster Academy was launched by AdMaster in 2014 with the mission to promote the sustainable growth of the digital marketing and big data industries, help establish industry standards and leverage the knowledge of industry experts to develop the next generation of marketing data professionals.

The Academy benefits from AdMaster's wealth of experience in areas such as big data, ad tracking, cross-screen reach analysis, and social media and e-commerce measurement. By teaming up with research institutes, colleges, well-known companies and expert scholars, AdMaster Academy is able to offer marketing professionals and students a variety of open, online, on-campus and in-office courses.

In order to truly support the development of the next crop of marketing data professionals, AdMaster Academy's courses mix theory with practical applications, encourage two-way dialogue between instructors and students, use real-life examples, and provide students with prompt feedback.

For more information about AdMaster Academy, please visit our Chinese website.

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