AdMaster and Alibaba Jointly Develop A New Marketing Ecosystem


AdMaster, a leading marketing data technology company in China, signed a strategic partnership agreement with Alibaba recently. The partnership represents Alimama’s (a business unit of Alibaba Group managing its core business data) big step-forward in developing a new brand marketing ecosystem with third-party collaboration.

Under the partnership framework, AdMaster has completed the integration of its advertising measurement solutions into Ali’s digital marketing ecosystem. All advertisers and agencies that use Alimama’s Uni Desk for digital marketing (except on Taobao platform) can enjoy AdMaster’s independent third-party measurement service from now on. Meanwhile, Ali’s big data platform empowers AdMaster to conduct target audience verification based on its data.

Third-Party Measurement Empowers Marketing Effectiveness

Third-party measurement has been well recognized in the industry for the advertisers and agencies to engage third parties to provide advertising measurement service.  The data obtained through the third party independent measurement process becomes the foundation for marketing optimization initiatives.

Alimama is now expanding its footprint from Taobao to a wider coverage. This move is well received by advertisers and agencies are participating in this expansion. Both advertisers and agencies play key roles. Subsequently, Alimama launched Uni Desk, a new marketing platform specifically for agencies. As an important part of Uni Marketing product matrix, Alimama’s Uni Desk creates a new business model for agencies to serve brand owners through big data and technology.

In this process, third-party data measurementon marketing effectiveness on platforms beyond Taobao is particularly important. The partnership between Alimama and AdMaster just falls in place as a natural consequence.

AdMaster has been providing big data technology solutions to over 80% of the international and local leading brands in China in the past ten years. Alimama has been looking for partners to open up their marketing big data capabilities in the appropriate way. Thanks to the collaboration on Uni Desk, AdMaster made one big step forward on their data hub strategy, a new wave of evolution on AdMaster’s established advertising measurement technology.

Joint Development of Data Ecosystem

According to this partnership framework, besides verifying the basic characteristics of the consumer groupson Ali’s platform, AdMaster can measure the precision targeting effectiveness of advertising campaigns through the consumer interest data generated by Uni Desk. In the meantime, both parties will explore more digital marketing measurement solutions together.

“We take a positive open attitude towards innovative win-win partnership. After all, it is for the betterment of the industry,”AdMaster Founder and CEO Vincent Yan said.

It requires multiple parties to build the digital marketing ecosystem. It is a critical step to empower third party’s measurement capabilities by sharing Ali’s marketing big data. Ali noted that they would like to be the driver of the prosperous development of the digitalmarketing industry by exploring new marketing technologies and empowering agencies and brands with data. Collective effort is encouraged to build the new digital marketing ecosystem under the landscape of “New Marketing”.

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