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根据 AdMaster 2015双11消费者行为调研,你应该早就开始准备加入双11买买买的大战中了!今年中国消费者平均提早14天开始准备双11购物清单,有84%消费者预计参加双11购物狂欢节,参与率是历年最高;不仅如此,消费者对双11的购物预算较去年显着增加,且价格战已不是唯一的制胜点。移动端购物趋势愈发明显。有六成消费者关注京东,为阿里巴巴带来压力。

节后,AdMaster 将针对消费者实际行为,推出《2015年双11消费者行为研究报告》,请大家持续关注AdMaster 官方微信。
数据来源:AdMaster 移动端样本库

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Say Goodbye To The Uncontrollable Campaign Performance: How Unilever Optimized The Performance of It’s Digital Advertising Campaign by China’s Unique Ad Serving Technology

The flourish of Internet creates opportunities to advertisers as well as challenges. Advertisers have to be smarter to maximize their return on investment and the campaign performance while there are plentiful availability of device types, and ad inventory of unknown nature. Thanks to the advancement of advertising technology, China’s unique ad serving technology now enables advertisers and agencies to gain autonomous control over the media placement, target reach and optimization through this transparent automatic operation system. “Passing-back serving” is the unique ad serving technique only available in China, which empowers campaigns to be seen by the right target audience with the desired frequency only by pass-back the unwanted inventory back to the media.Read More>

Singles' Day Has Arrived! Shoppers Started Preparing Two Weeks Ago. Where Were You?

According to AdMaster's Singles' Day Consumer Behavior Report, 84 percent of consumers plan on participating in this year's Singles' Day shopping frenzy and they started preparing their shopping lists two weeksRead More>

Device Recognition in China: Is There Really No Solution?

Whether or not device ID recognition is supported is gradually becoming an important factor for advertisers when executing ad campaigns. Since smartphones supplanted computers as the screen consumers use the most, focus has shifted to how weRead More>

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