Marketing Data Solutions

Ad Tracking & Measurement


A Comprehensive Ad Effectiveness Evaluation Platform

  • - Tracks over 10 billion data points every day for 2000+ advertisers on 2000+ media platforms.
  • - Centralizes digital ad management and monitoring activities.
  • - Provides ad tracking data and effectiveness reports.
  • - Easily tracks impressions, clicks, views, iGRP, audience reach and more.
  • - Supports ad placement optimization.


An Enterprise-Grade Website Analytics Platform

  • - Identifies visitor source and click path allowing you to understand each visitor.
  • - Tracking supported on computer, mobile and app platforms.
  • - Multidimensional data analysis of multiple website performance metrics.


An Industry-leading Social Data Management Platform

  • - Real-time brand sentiment measurement and crisis alert system.
  • - Follower database helps brands increase target audience engagement.
  • - Supports multi-person management of WeChat and Weibo accounts.
  • - Data reports available online anytime, anywhere.

Data-Driven Optimization & Planning


An All-In-One Cross-Screen Budget Allocation & Media Optimization Tool

  • - Helps advertisers with multi-channel ad placement allocation and optimization.
  • - Covers the largest number of regions and screens in China.
  • - Easily exports KPI results in a single click.
  • - The only cross-screen reach solution in China to offer both real-time measurement and real-time alerts.


China's First Sponsorship Effectiveness Modeling Tool

  • - The industry's leading quantitative evaluation system for multi-source data.
  • - Evaluates a brand's sponsorship effectiveness on a weekly basis by looking at program performance, brand association and consumer commitment.
  • - Allows brands to optimize their sponsorship activities and plans future campaigns.

Data Management


A Professional, Easy-to-use Online Survey Tool

  • - Easily create, edit and publish survey questionnaires.
  • - Save frequently used survey questions.
  • - Data is updated in real time.
  • - Easily export survey results.
  • - Strong survey question logic settings ensure that respondents are properly segmented.

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