Marketing Data Solutions


A First-Party Data Management Solution for Advertisers

  • - Seamlessly compiles data from trustworthy and reliable sources.
  • - Comprehensive data filtering ensures precise audience targeting.
  • - Multiple audience grouping and tagging options allow for more spot-on targeting.
  • - Easy integration with all major DSPs, ad exchanges and media platforms allows for full automation.
  • - Multi-dimensional data analysis, cross-tag analysis and audience profiling help you better understand your target consumers.


A Powerful & Easy-to-use Online Form Management Platform

  • - Create online forms from templates or make your own.
  • - Easily collect, visualize, analyze and share data.
  • - No programming skills required.
  • - All data is safely stored.


A Professional, Easy-to-use Online Survey Tool

  • - Easily create, edit and publish survey questionnaires.
  • - Save frequently used survey questions.
  • - Data is updated in real time.
  • - Easily export survey results.
  • - Strong survey question logic settings ensure that respondents are properly segmented.

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